The Basics

Axolotl Care – The Basics

This post is going to be a quick glance at Axolotl care (I will have more in-depth posts on certain topics).

  • AxolotlAmbystoma Mexicanum
  • Adult Size –  9″-12″ on average
  • Life Span – 10 years average in captivity
  • Fully Aquatic Species
  • Tank Size – 20 gal plus 10 gal for each additional Axolotl
  • Water Temperature – Ideal 64-66 degrees F. Anything above 74 is stressful and can lead to illness.
  • Water Quality – De-chlorinated tap water or spring water. Never use distilled.
  • Lighting – Low or given a lot of coverage from plants/decor
  • Diet – Earthworms, Blackworms, Frozen Foods (brine shrimp/bloodworms/krill), Repashy Meat Pie or Grub Pie formulas
  • Feeding – Juveniles/Sub-adults once a day, Adults every other day or 3 times a week.
  • Tank Substrate – Bare bottom, Sand (aquarium safe, do NOT use sand made for reptiles), stone tiles. NEVER USE GRAVEL -Axolotls tend to swallow gravel and become impacted.
  • Filters – Low Flow Power Filters or Sponge Filters
  • Morphs (colors can vary) – Wild, Melanoid, Albino, Golden Albino, Copper, Axanthic, Leucistic.


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