The Basics

Axolotl Shopping List

Here is a list of items that you will need to properly care for your axolotl.

*If you plan on getting an axolotl please pre-purchase most of your items and have your tank up and running before bringing your axolotl home.
  • 20 gal tank (add 10 gal per additional axolotl) *long tanks are recommended over tall tanks, the more floor space the better*
  • Filter
  • Water Conditioner – I HIGHLY recommend Prime by SeaChem
  • Thermometer
  • Aquarium Fan
  • Water Syphon
  • Bucket for Water Changes
  • Large Brine Shrimp Net (Brine Shrimp nets have finer/softer material)
  • Axolotl Food
  • Hide
  • Master Freshwater Test Kit – (or at least the Ammonia and Nitrite Test Kits)

Optional Items:

  • Substrate *NO GRAVEL*
  • Live or Fake Plants – I recommend low light live plants
  • Aquarium Light – provide lots of coverage if you plan on using a light, axolotls don’t care for bright lights
  • Liquid Bacteria Supplements – to help boost the cycle of your tank
  • Indian Almond Leaves
  • Aquarium Safe Food Bowl
  • Air Stone/Bubbler

    Axolotl Tank
    *Not my image* Example of an Axolotl Tank Setup

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