About Us

Hello! Vegas Axolotls is run by myself, Megan. I have some great support from my friends and family. I’ve been in the pet industry for….my entire life if we’re being honest here (professionally since 2005).  I studied Biology at Indiana State and actually bred and raised Betta fish in high school even becoming a member of the IBC. Aquatic animals of all kinds have fascinated me.

Why Axolotls? 

They are fantastic creatures and I’ve had so many species of animals in my care over the years. These guys just have a special place and it just made sense. As axolotls become more mainstream I’m hoping that I can be a resource for others on how to properly care for them.

How often do you breed?

Breeding is at a minimum for me. I want to breed for specific lines and genes. This is a hobby for me, not a business. The money that comes in from selling goes right back into their care, I have a full-time job and I’m back in school. I usually don’t have more than 100 axolotls at any one time but I really only like have 50 or so in stock (big breeders that do this for a living have hundreds).

Do you do events?

Yes, I have just started to do reptile expos and events.

Will you sell eggs?

At the moment the axolotl market is flooded and I will not be selling eggs from my lines.