Tank Care & Water Quality

Tank Cycling

Probably one of the most important articles on this website and I'm going to try to give you a full understanding of the cycling process and not overwhelm you. What is "cycling"? Cycling a tank is the NATURAL process of building good bacteria to break down waste in your tank. When a tank is considered… Continue reading Tank Cycling

Tank Care & Water Quality

Live Plants for Your Axolotl

I'm personally a big advocate of live plants in any aquatic environment (fish, amphibians, reptiles, etc). However choosing the right plants for your setup is very important because different plants need different things to thrive. If you have an axolotl tank you typically have cool water and low lighting so if you put in a… Continue reading Live Plants for Your Axolotl

Tank Care & Water Quality

Indian Almond Leaves For Your Axolotl

Indian Almond Leaves aren't necessarily an essential for caring for your axolotl but they do help A LOT! Indian Almond Leaves are great for helping prevent disease and promote water quality by producing "blackwater". (Do not use if your water is acidic) Tannins- Just like driftwood and peat, Indian almond leaves release ample amounts of… Continue reading Indian Almond Leaves For Your Axolotl

Tank Care & Water Quality

Ultimate Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Tank Cool

Axolotls are cold water animals and sometimes keeping their tank at a cool 64-70 degrees can prove to be difficult for some. So here is a list of methods to help keep the tank cool. I'm not saying that you have to do ALL of these things to keep your tank cool, use any combination… Continue reading Ultimate Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Tank Cool

The Basics

Axolotl Shopping List

Here is a list of items that you will need to properly care for your axolotl. *If you plan on getting an axolotl please pre-purchase most of your items and have your tank up and running before bringing your axolotl home. 20 gal tank (add 10 gal per additional axolotl) *long tanks are recommended over… Continue reading Axolotl Shopping List